Build New

Building a new house can be an exciting experience. Here are a few important questions you’ll want to ask when getting started:

Do you want to build a custom home or use a production home builder?

Custom homes are normally built by local builders who will specifically design and build a home to your specifications. You will likely be heavily involved in the building process as you customize many of the details of the home. In turn, this will be more expensive than building a production home. Building a custom home normally begins by either locating an available lot and then choosing a custom home builder, OR locating a lot that a builder has already purchased. We have a list of some of the best custom home builders in the area and have experience working with all of them. Ask us about available lots in your area!

With a production builder, you are normally going to be limited to a few different models, but may be able to choose from many different lots across many different communities. Within those models, you can choose most of the finishings — such as flooring, carpet, paint, countertops, cabinets, etc. They will likely have a model or “spec” home where you can meet a sales rep and look over many of the different options and styles that they offer. They may even have one already built that just doesn’t have any of the final finishings completed! Building a production home normally begins when you locate a neighborhood in which a specific home builder is currently building in. Through your Realtor, you will set an appointment with the sales staff and from there the fun begins! We can put you in touch with production builders in any community in the Dayton area.

Do I Need A Realtor?

YES! When buyers work directly with a builder’s rep or a sales staff, those parties normally have a fiduciary duty to represent the SELLER’S interests, not yours! We will work through comparable sales and negotiate a better deal with a builder than you will be able to get on your own. The fact is, most builders have set Realtor commissions into their margins and expect to pay them already. When you build a new home with the help of The First Flight Group, we will fight to get you a better deal. Nothing is worse than finding out that your neighbor down the street has a similar house but paid less than you did!

The First Flight Group works closely with many custom home and production home builders in the area. Contact us today for a list of recommended builders and the communities in which they build.


The First Flight Group works closely with many custom home builders in the area as well as most production home builders. Contact us today for a complete list of area builders and new communities across the Dayton area.